BootcampX For Skill Development

This Initiative provides comprehensive learning & training opportunities in cooperation with the world’s top universities and companies





Pathways Types



Student Pathway

Equip students willing to enter the labor market with skills in high-demand areas.

Job Seeker Pathway

Intensive skills training on high-demand areas to enter the labor market.

Professional Development Pathway

Reskill the workforce to be globally competitive citizens and ensure its stability.

Initiative Areas

Project Management

Data Analytics


UI Design

UX Design


Product Management

Digital Marketing

Web Development



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Initiative Features


Speed and ROI

3-6 months of intensive programs to achieve labor market requirements

Industry- Informed

Achieving labor market needs through the Initiative’s various areas

Deliver Required Outcomes

a scope and sequence designed to enhance the readiness of workforce to enter the labor market

Achieve in-Demand Skills

Developing, utilizating, and applying of skills in the labor market

End-to-End Support

providing consistent and direct academic support to learners by teachers, trainers, and others

High Quality

Achieving large-scale, and high-quality learning outcomes