MV Substation - An industrial approach (PART-B)

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Start from 2023-06-12 till 2023-08-07
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About this Course

This tailor-made certificate course on MV Substation Engineering is curated by the Subject Matter Experts and practitioners of L&T, and is structured pragmatically to help the learner understand the industry practices in carrying out the engineering for substations and selection of various substation equipment in accordance with Indian & International Standards. In addition, it covers the electrical safety rules, safe operating procedures and an overview of maintenance practices to give a holistic understanding of the subject.
This course opens up opportunities for the learners to become/excel as a Electrical Design Engineer, Construction and Planning Engineer.

This course gives the learners insights about:
1. Cables, it's construction and Termination
2. Cable routing and Erection Key diagram
3. Earthing and Lightning Protection
4. Civil and Mechanical Aspects of substation design
5. Maintenance and Safety of substation


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Subject Matter Expert
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