Serverless Architectures on AWS

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Available now till 2025-03-24
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About this Course

A modern software engineer knows how to use the benefits of managed services from Amazon Web Services to reduce the coding needed to get a project across the line. There’s a lot of code you really don’t need to write when you can use a managed service for your applications. Less code means less tests, less bugs, and quicker delivery.

In this course, we get hands on with automation tools and serverless managed services. Get your projects completed faster without needing to maintain the underlying servers hosting the managed services. Treat your infrastructure as code using AWS CloudFormation and AWS Serverless Application Model as an automated way to build the resources hosting your applications. We use AWS Amplify to rapidly add front-end hosting and AWS Cognito to add authentication to our application. With Cognito in place, we upgrade the application API to require authentication. Next, we learn to use AWS Step Functions to move a lot of the workflow coordination code out of your applications. Using serverless services, we contrast some options for building event driven architectures with Amazon SNS, Amazon SQS and Amazon EventBridge. Join our expert instructors as we dive deep on real-world use cases for each of the featured services in the course.

This course will provide a combination of video-based lectures, demonstrations and hands-on lab exercises that will get you working with automation tools, Cognito authentication, Step Function workflows and event-driven architectures.


Seph R
Seph R

Seph is a Technical Trainer based out of Seattle, WA., and has been working for AWS for over 7 years. Starting at AWS in the Premium Support organization, he was training from the beginning. Technical training allows him to meet new people, share his enjoyment of AWS and creative problem solving, and continue to dive deeper into fun and interesting technologies. He comes from a varied background, and will happily discuss nearly any topic you want to dive into. Outside of training, he likes to play Ultimate at tournaments around the world, or just travel for fun.

Russell Sayers
Russell Sayers

Former Technical Architect for AWS Training & Certification

Morgan Willis
Morgan Willis

Morgan Willis is a Senior Cloud Technologist based in the US. Morgan has a background in Software Development, technical training, and has earned 6 AWS Certifications. Morgan has always had a strong passion for technology, has a degree in computer science and has held various jobs throughout her IT career. Outside of the tech world, Morgan is a runner, hiker, and skier and she spends as much time outdoors as possible.