Introduction to Cybersecurity for Teachers

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Available now till 2024-08-02
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About this Course

Teaching cybersecurity in schools is an important way to help students stay safe while using technology. This course introduces teachers to the core ideas of cybersecurity that should be taught in the classroom.

You will learn about the different attacks that individuals and devices are vulnerable to and how to prevent them. You will explore malware, malicious bots, SQL injections, and physical threats to data. You will also build your knowledge of the different tools that protect data and websites. These include strong passwords, biometrics, two-factor authentication, and firewalls.


Mac Bowley
Mac Bowley

Whilst Mac is currently working on the projects site helping learners get hands on with technology, he has also produced units for the Computing Curriculum, written topics for Ada and created a number of online courses.

As a computing educator he has worked in almost every context imaginable, after school clubs, holiday camps, enrichment days and teaching GCSE students. Wherever he is teaching, Mac is passionate about empowering people to use technology to solve problems that matter to them.