Teaching Programming to 5- to 11-year-olds

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Available now till 2024-08-02
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About this Course

This course will help you to become more confident in teaching programming to young children. As well as developing your own understanding of programming, you'll also investigate a range of strategies that you can employ to help your pupils.

During this course, you'll learn about the key programming concepts of algorithms, sequence, repetition, selection, and variables. You'll experience a number of different programming languages suitable for young people, and use your new knowledge to modify and create programs in the block-based language Scratch.

The course will also introduce you to program design. You'll learn about and experience all of the stages of program development from idea to running code.

By the end of the course, you'll be able to design and code your own Scratch programs, as well as being able to support your young learners as they begin their coding journeys.


Andy Bush
Andy Bush

Andy works at the Raspberry Pi Foundation as a learning manager developing curriculum resources to support educators in delivering computing lessons. He has been a Primary teacher and a Local Authority consultant in two local authorities.

Andy has many years of experience training teachers and working with schools on all aspects of using technology to support learning. He has also worked for an educational resource provider developing electronic products used by schools worldwide.