Uncommon Sense Teaching: Part 2, Building Community and Habits of Learning

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In Part 2 of Uncommon Sense Teaching: Building Community and Habits of Learning, you will explore the following areas more deeply—helping you to connect with the latest insights into research and have fun while you are doing it!

• The hidden strengths of neurodiversity: Dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, and
other syndromes that relate to learning
• The value of forgetting
• How to use habits formed by the procedural system to help you with classroom management
• Judicious use of rewards to motivate students (too many rewards can de-motivate)
• How to avoid educational fads
• The power of lesson plans

This is like no other course on teaching—it weaves late-breaking insights from neuroscience with personal insights from the classroom to provide unexpected, yet practical, new approaches. You’ll discover how to bring out the best from all your students in today’s diverse teaching environment, where students often have a wide range of abilities.

Uncommon Sense Teaching will take your teaching to a higher level for whatever subjects you teach, whether math, physics, literature, dance, art, or anything else; and whether you are teaching K-12, university, business, vocational, or at home.

Join us today to move into the new era of education!


Barbara Oakley
Barbara Oakley
Professor of Engineering
Beth Rogowsky
Beth Rogowsky
Associate Professor of Education
Dr. Terrence Sejnowski
Dr. Terrence Sejnowski
Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies