Interdisciplinary Innovations for Population Ageing

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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Innovations for Population Ageing MOOC. Population ageing is a global issue with profound implications for the well-being of individuals, community design, health and social care planning, as well as service and product engineering in the silver age.

Different disciplines, including the social sciences, design, and engineering, offer unique and insightful innovations for older adults. Individually, these disciplines each offer solutions catering to their professional niche. However, creative and practical innovations are more likely to be achieved through interdisciplinary innovations rather than relying on a single discipline.

In this course, we will explore and examine the process of incubating innovations in three disciplines, namely the social sciences, design, and engineering. Together, learners will acquire knowledge and skills from these disciplines individually, as well as appreciate the synergy created when working toward innovations through adopting an interdisciplinary approach.

Topics are specially designed within the domain of social care programs and policies for ageing, engineering for ageing, and design for ageing. Along with meeting the need to equip global learners with interdisciplinary problem-solving to address the ageing challenge, this MOOC will incorporate interdisciplinary perspectives, problem-solving models, case studies, and formative assessments intended to empower learners to formulate innovations for the ageing population in their own cultural and ecological contexts.


Dr Xue Bai
Dr Xue Bai

Associate Professor

Director of Institute of Active Ageing

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ir Prof. Yongping Zheng
Ir Prof. Yongping Zheng

BSc and MEng in Electronics and Information Engineering (the University of Science and Technology of China)

PhD in Biomedical Engineering (the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

Mr King Chung SIU
Mr King Chung SIU
  • Former President of the Hong Kong Society for Education in Art (HKSEA) from 1998 to 2001
  • He co-founded the “Designs You Don’t Know What to Do With Association” and the "Community Museum Project" in 2002 & 2003 respectively.
Dr Hin Wang Kevin CHAN
Dr Hin Wang Kevin CHAN

PhD (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

MPH (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

BA (Toronto)

Dr Wan-ping, Vincent LEE
Dr Wan-ping, Vincent LEE



BA (York)