Fundamentals of Diversity

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"The Fundamentals of Diversity" is the first course in IE University's specialization titled "The Journey to Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging."

This course will provide learners with the basic tools to navigate diversity and diverse organizations. Throughout the course, learners will analyze how to promote diversity across demographic categories such as gender, ethnicity, race, disability, age, and physical appearance. The course will also empower learners to identify the challenges posed by diversity. Finally, learners will gain a working knowledge of how to manage diversity in organizations and teams.

This course is designed for all: students and young professionals as well as older and senior professionals looking for a better understanding of what diversity is and the critical role it plays in an organization.


Celia De Anca
Celia De Anca
Director of the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE University
Brendan Anglin
Brendan Anglin
Director at Fresh Ideas International Training and Coordinator at IE University and ICEX-CECO