Stepping Up: Leading Others

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In this course, you will look at how to work with a diverse range of people to create and lead a high performing team. You will consider the differences between work groups and teams and explore team dynamics, the nature of remote teams and cross-cultural implications of leading teams. You will also discover how to effectively lead your peers, deal with blockers and disruptors, set objectives and delegate.

This course is aimed at leaders and managers who have five to six years experience and who are beginning to manage teams, customers and clients more regularly or more directly. Learners will likely have a technical or professional early career but as they are progressing in their careers, they are having to start grappling with the issues of team and organisational leadership.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Explain the differences between a team and work group, and why this is important for a leader.
– Describe strategies for leading peers, dealing with blockers and disruptors.
– Set effective objectives, know best practice for delegation and techniques to drive performance in your teams.
– Hold important, challenging conversations which leaders need to have, and implement the key elements of coaching and mentoring as a leader.


Dr Nigel Spencer
Dr Nigel Spencer
Professor of Education Innovation and Professional Practice
Mike Mister
Mike Mister
Honorary Professor (Queen Mary University of London), Partner (Professional Service Firms International Llp), Senior Fellow (Human Capital Practice, The Conference Board), CFCIPD, ACIB, MBPsS, MBA, BA (Hons) Psychology
Arun Singh
Arun Singh
Senior Practitioner and Corporate Educator