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This course will help you create application letters that effectively complement a CV. This course covers the structure and content of Application Letters, advice from our industry professionals and front-line recruiters about what to include in Application Letters, and language input on verbs, parallel structures, and tone and style.

The content of this course complements the skills and strategies covered in English@Work: CVs.

If you have not completed that course, enroll and enjoy!


Adam Forrester
Adam Forrester

Adam Forrester

Assistant Dean (FH) / Senior Teaching Fellow (ELC)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Jessica Xia
Jessica Xia
Jessica Xia is an English Language Instructor at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In her years in tertiary education, she has designed and taught Creative Writing, Academic English and Business Communication courses, integrating technology into an ELT curriculum. Aside from teaching, she has designed online independent learning workshops and self-assessment materials. Her professional interests include outcome-based teaching and learning approaches, psycholinguistics and catering for individual differences in second language learning.