How to Buy Cloud - Strategies for Cloud Procurement

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Learn the fundamentals and key considerations of procuring cloud with our new digital course, How to Buy Cloud - Strategies for Cloud Procurement. This course is designed for any learner that plays a role in the cloud buying process, including business decision makers and influencers.

This course covers the fundamentals of how to buy cloud through an engaging mix of instructor videos, quizzes, reading, and hands-on activities. You’ll learn essential skills that will help you from the very start of the cloud procurement effort to the end of buying cycle. Build essential cloud acquisition skills by diving deep into topics such as pricing, security, sustainability, and more. After completing the course, you will be better equipped to assess your organization’s readiness to buy cloud, create a plan for doing so, and identify concrete next steps on your cloud procurement journey.

Learn best practices you can use right away, developed from the source. Advance your skills and knowledge to build your future in the AWS Cloud. Enroll today!


Blaine Sundrud
Blaine Sundrud

Blaine Sundrud, from Washington D.C., has been teaching technology for more years than he is willing to admit. After spending time teaching in the newspaper industry, he moved to the AWS Training and Certification Department. Blaine has taught classes globally on many different disciplines, such as Security, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Big Data, AI/ML, and Theatre History. When asked if he can actually quote every line in The Godfather, he smiles and changes the subject.

Alana Layton
Alana Layton

Alana has been with AWS for over 2 years. She was initially a Technical Trainer, but recently moved into a Technical Curriculum Developer role.