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This course has been created to give students like you an introduction to hedge funds, one of the premier alternative investments available to allocators around the world. This course will give you an insight from the perspective of the professional investor in the space.

In addition, you will come to understand how hedge funds function as an industry. Special attention will be given to the infrastructure and mechanics of the hedge fund space. You will learn about fee arrangements, liquidity constraints and the legal structures investors use to access hedge funds. An in-depth analysis of all hedge fund strategies, from equity long short to distressed will be discussed in this course. A case study of an institutional investment in a hedge fund will give you special insight into how sophisticated investors invest-and divest from an investment.

We'll wrap up this course with a module on current trends in the industry, from stagnant asset growth to the increasing proliferation of artificial intelligence technology and its impact on the industry and markets as a whole. Overall, this course will demystify hedge funds, making them more transparent to those who have not been previously exposed to the space.

This course is part 3 of the New York Institute of Finance’s Portfolio Management Professional Certificate program.


Chris Thomas
Chris Thomas
Chris specializes in education and training on how hedge funds work and behave in an investment portfolio, having spent more than 15 years on Wall Street working in alternative investments. He has managed hedge fund of funds, marketed hedge funds and created multiple hedge fund products. He has introduced investors and other financial professionals to the hedge fund space. EDUCATION • BA, Political Science, New York University • Masters in International Affairs, International Banking and Finance, Columbia University