Human Resource Development

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A human resources department manages labor, which is the largest continuing cost in most organizations. To do so, it needs to find and retain top talent, which it does by adhering to certain established practices. What are those practices, and how can human resources departments and professionals implement them to the utmost benefit for their organizations? Also, how can the implementation of these practices be done in a way that benefits organizations while addressing labor concerns, employee–management relations, and established laws?

In these lessons on Human Resource Development, you’ll learn about techniques for recruiting and retaining employees. You’ll explore performance management, employee development, organizational development, and compensation packages. Finally, you’ll discover how human resources departments manage labor and employee relations and maintain compliance with local laws. By the end of this course, you’ll have a broader and deeper understanding of how human resources departments and professionals engage in workforce planning, talent sourcing, and talent selection.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify sources for recruitment
  • Learn to manage and improve employee performance
  • Implement organizational development strategies
  • Know the various components of benefits and payroll
  • Navigate the field of labor relations


Timothy Hornseth