Governance and regulation, access to information and media viability

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The course's foundation is an overview of the principles of freedom of expression and access to information and how these apply to media and online freedoms.

The course addresses the contemporary legacies of colonial and neo-colonial control of communications for political repression, while also showing how civil society engagement can achieve change. Participants will learn how policy and law operate, both nationally and internationally, and how civil society can use formal and informal channels to make an impact.

It gives special attention to the regulation of media, the internet and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as issues of access to information (and data), the challenge of the economic viability of media and strategic issues in campaigning for change.

It is highly recommended that participants take the first course in the Professional Certificate in Media and Digital Policy in Africa before embarking on this second course.

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Guy Berger
Guy Berger

Prof. Guy Berger is an expert in media and Internet policy issues. He spent the past decade as a senior director at UNESCO leading its work in Communications and Information Policy. The 15 years prior to that were spent heading up the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, Makhanda, South Africa, where he is recognised as a Professor emeritus.

Hendrik Bussiek
Hendrik Bussiek

Hendrik Bussiek is a media expert, who specialised in media reform efforts. He cooperates with media rights organisations in Africa, based in Harare, Zimbabwe (1992-1995), Cape Town, South Africa (1995-2012) and presently, Berlin.

Franz Krüger
Franz Krüger

Franz Krüger is Associate Professor at the NLA Mediehøgskolen in Norway, associate researcher with the Wits Centre for Journalism in Johannesburg and Deputy Press Ombud with the SA Press Council. He worked in professional journalism for many decades, including in the anti-apartheid alternative media and as a senior member of the first post-apartheid editorial management team at the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He has an MA from City University and a PhD from the University of the Witwatersrand.