Intaglio Printmaking | 铜版画制作

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This course aims to popularize and promote Intaglio Printmaking art, through the hybrid teaching method of online video teaching and classroom practice, raise students' awareness of and printing aesthetic art of copper plate, in the hands-on practice to master and apply the basic principle and techniques, created their own works.


Hui Yan
Hui Yan

An expert from the Quality Education Research Center of the Education Research Institute of Tsinghua University, a member of the Higher Art Education Association of the National Educational Calligraphy and Calligraphy Association, and a member of the Chinese Artists Association Book Collection Association. The lecture courses include "copper printmaking", "printmaking creation", "landscape sketching" and "sketch human body". Yan Hui upholds the teaching principle of "balance between technique and concept", explores the origin and cutting edge of technique, perfects the course structure, and pays attention to artistic ideas.