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A group of seven European partners from Catalonia, Belgium, and Wales worked together on the Erasmus+ funded ‘Think Global’ project on global competence. The project seeks to address the following research question through development and piloting of practical classroom activities: What is global competence, and how can it be learned effectively?

The Think Global project explores, through international collaboration, how global competence is defined, taught, learned, and measured in the classroom. It offers a model of professional learning for teachers to support students in developing global competence and its relationship with ODS.
So, this training course is addressed to school teachers and other school stakeholders. The focus of the course is to empower school teachers to implement cross-curricular projects on global competence, and it is delivered in an open online platform. The course is divided into five modules. The first is an overview of cross-cultural theory on global competences, the theoretical framework and the research and studies developed on the topic. The second module is based on principles and strategies. The third module deals with methodologies and developing global competence programs. The fourth module is about project based learning. The last module of the course consists of designing a global competence project to be implemented in the classroom. Teachers can decide what they need to work to achieve their objectives. In this way, they can decide which modules they need to work on, however it can be interesting to develop a final project to develop all the modules. It can provide teachers with a deeper understanding and reflections about our subjects and the development of global competence.


Francesca Peiró
Francesca Peiró
Moises Carmona