Iñupiaq Language and Culture

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Paġlagivsi! This introductory course will guide learners through the basics of the Iñupiaq language spoken throughout Northern Alaska by the Iñupiat people.

This AlaskaX course begins with some fundamental aspects of the language in context with Iñupiat cultural context and place. You will learn Iñupiaq pronunciation, sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary and some contextual communications, such as introductions and how to ask questions. Each module also will introduce you to an aspect of Iñupiat culture. You will watch animated stories told in Iñupiaq and learn about cultural values that influence language use.

Iñupiaq is a member of the Inuit-Yupik-Unangan language family found across the circumpolar Arctic. The Iñupiaq language is comprised of two large dialect groups, Northern Iñupiaq and Seward Peninsula Inupiaq. This course focuses on the Northern Iñupiaq dialects.

Enroll in this course today and help celebrate, revitalize and sustain the Iñupiat language and culture!


Qaġġun Chelsey Zibell
Qaġġun Chelsey Zibell

Qaġġun Chelsey Zibell grew up in Noorvik, an Iñupiat community in the Northwest Arctic Borough along Kotzebue Sound. She has taught Iñupiaq language since 2019 and is passionate about language revitalization through easily accessible materials.