Getting Started with Your Raspberry Pi

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The Raspberry Pi is an accessible and versatile mini-computer – let the Raspberry Pi Foundation guide you on how to get started on your journey of exploring its many uses and applications.

On this course, you’ll learn how to get your Raspberry Pi ready to use, before exploring what you can do with it. You’ll see how you could use your Raspberry Pi for everyday tasks, to help you to learn to code, and to get started with physical computing.

Ultimately, you’ll learn how to connect to your Raspberry Pi remotely, and how to take control of your Raspberry Pi as a systems administrator. You’ll also discover more resources to continue your Raspberry Pi journey.


Marc Scott
Marc Scott

Marc is a seasoned educator with 15 years of experience in the fields of Science, Computer Science, and Engineering.

Currently, he holds a pivotal role in the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where he manages the creation of informal education content. His focus lies on nurturing the talents of club members, home learners, and enthusiastic hobbyists, helping them explore the fascinating world of technology.

Marc's true passion lies in physical computing, the art of merging computers with electronics, and crafts. With his team's expertise, they guide learners on exciting adventures, discovering the limitless possibilities that arise from this unique intersection.

Tracy Gardner
Tracy Gardner

Tracy is a computer scientist with extensive experience of computing in industry, research, and education.