Get Started Teaching Computing in Primary Schools: Preparing to teach 5 - 11 year olds

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During this course, you will investigate the rationale for teaching computing to primary school pupils, looking at how computing has shaped the world we live in and how computers influence all of our lives. You will examine the breadth of computing using activities from The Computing Curriculum, and in doing so, you will develop your subject knowledge in the main strands of The Computing Curriculum. As you progress through this course, you will reflect on your own teaching experience to ensure that your computing teaching includes effective differentiation and assessment, and is inclusive.


Ben Hall
Ben Hall

Ben is responsible for creating training resources to help teachers develop their computer science and IT knowledge and skills. He has previously created curriculum resources and online training courses for RPF.

Prior to working at RPF Ben was a primary school teacher, leading and specialising in computing. He also ran a network providing support for other teachers by holding regular training and support meetings. He is passionate about giving as many teachers and students the opportunity to learn about and enjoy computing, regardless of their background.