Introduction to Machine Learning and AI

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From self-driving cars to determining someone's age, artificial intelligence (AI) systems trained with machine learning (ML) are being used more and more. But what is AI, and what does machine learning actually involve?

In this four-week course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation, you'll learn about different types of machine learning, and use online tools to train your own AI models. You'll find out about the types of problems that machine learning can help to solve, discuss how AI is changing the world, and think about the ethics of collecting data to train a machine learning model.


Ben Garside
Ben Garside

Having spent 14 years as a classroom teacher (11-18), Ben has been a learning manager at the Raspberry Pi Foundation since 2019. His work at the Foundation has included being involved in the creation of The Computing Curriculum, online courses and producing content for Ada Computer Science. More recently Ben has been the lead educator for Experience-AI, an educational program developed in partnership with Google Deepmind.

Ben is really passionate about AI education and how best to help prepare young people to navigate a world with such rapid technological developments.

Mac Bowley
Mac Bowley

Whilst Mac is currently working on the projects site helping learners get hands on with technology, he has also produced units for the Computing Curriculum, written topics for Ada and created a number of online courses.

As a computing educator he has worked in almost every context imaginable, after school clubs, holiday camps, enrichment days and teaching GCSE students. Wherever he is teaching, Mac is passionate about empowering people to use technology to solve problems that matter to them.