Introduction to Encryption and Cryptography

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This online course from the Raspberry Pi Foundation explores encryption and cryptography. You'll learn about what encryption is and how it was used in the past, and use the Caesar and Vigenère ciphers. You'll also look at modern encryption, and investigate both symmetric and asymmetric encryption schemes. The course also takes a look at the future of encryption, and includes several practical encryption activities that are also appropriate to use in the classroom.


Diane Dowling
Diane Dowling

Diane works in the Ada and Experience AI products team at the Raspberry Pi Foundation and mainly writes content for the Ada platform. She has an industry background as well as many years experience in teaching computer science at A level.

Diane’s enthusiasm for secret messages began as a child when she learned how to write messages with lemon juice. However, it was her first visit to Bletchley Park that really fuelled her enthusiasm for cryptography and it is now officially her favourite theme park ever!

Outside of her work at the foundation, Diane is passionate about robotics. She is a trustee of a charity that runs a national robotics competition for sixth formers and she has participated in robotics competitions across the globe.

Mac Bowley
Mac Bowley

Whilst Mac is currently working on the projects site helping learners get hands on with technology, he has also produced units for the Computing Curriculum, written topics for Ada and created a number of online courses.

As a computing educator he has worked in almost every context imaginable, after school clubs, holiday camps, enrichment days and teaching GCSE students. Wherever he is teaching, Mac is passionate about empowering people to use technology to solve problems that matter to them.