Heart Physiology

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The program of the course "Heart Physiology" is compiled taking into account the state standard for teaching the basic course of physiology according to the undergraduate curriculum.

An important feature of the course is the presentation of the material at different levels: a combination of molecular, cellular and systemic approaches in describing the functions of organs.

The course presents basic and modern data on the functional characteristics and histological structure of cardiomyocytes; the formation of the action potential of various myocardial cells; fundamentals of myocardial mechanics, mechanisms of contraction and relaxation of cardiomyocytes; principles of intercellular interaction of myocardial infants; cellular electrophysiology in myocardial ischemia; mechanisms of action of cardiotropic pharmacological drugs; dysfunction of the heart.

The course, tests, quizzes and additional materials are available in English, video lectures are in Russian with English presentations and with English subtitles.


Alexander Markov/Марков Александр Георгиевич
Alexander Markov/Марков Александр Георгиевич
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor/Д-р биолог. наук, профессор
Любимцева Тамара Алексеевна
Любимцева Тамара Алексеевна
Кандидат медицинских наук, старший научный сотрудник
Arina Fedorova/Федорова Арина Александровна
Arina Fedorova/Федорова Арина Александровна
Junior Researcher/младший научный сотрудник